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Sacred Drumming Practitioner Course 2020/21 UK - Starts 4 September 2020 - Clophill Centre UK

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    for this 3-modular course which is certified by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), the STA (Sound Therapists Association)
    and the College of Sound Healing.
    Successful participants will be accredited as Drum Healing Practitioners.

    What is Drum Healing?

    The drum has been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers to shift people out of stuck energy and re-connect them to the flow of life in order for healing and transformation to happen. The power of the sacred drum lies in its ability to connect you with your bones, your heartbeat and your natural rhythms. The drum acts as a mediator between heaven and earth, between the drummer and the spirits. The drum is the tool that allows the shaman/shamanka to travel safely between the worlds, to connect with another person's medicine and bring back that knowledge so that the person seeking healing can break through the barriers that keep them from being whole and connected.

    What is this course about?

    The Sacred Drumming course merges the wisdom of ancient traditions with the discoveries of modern sound healing research. The use of the drum for healing, transformation and in assisting personal change has been an extensive and time-honoured method of helping others in all indigenous cultures. With the return of respect for the native shamanic medicine traditions and the acceptance of the powerful healing effects of rhythm and sound by modern medicine the drum is now experiencing a vibrant revival as the foundational instrument for the healing of body, mind and spirit.

    Scientific studies have demonstrated the calming, focusing and healing effects of drumming by reducing anxiety, tension and stress. They have also shown the ability of the drum to balance the brain hemispheres and to reach into the deepest areas of the brain to renew damaged neural pathways.

    According to the latest research drumming boosts the immune system and the production of endorphins assisting in pain control. Recent studies have also linked drumming with positive effects on Alzheimer's and dementia patients, emotionally disturbed teens, recovering addicts and trauma patients.

    Students are encouraged to do their own research and reading between sessions to advance their understanding of the potential of the sacred drum.

    Homework will be allotted after each session, with case studies and dissertation required for certification. Participants will create their personal medicine drum and rattle as part of the course.

    What you will learn on this course:

    The Sacred Drum as a tool to awaken, stimulate and encourage self-healing
    Using the drum safely and effectively in medicine work with other people
    Deepening your connection with Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdoms
    Communicating with plants, stones, trees herbs and animal helpers
    Contacting your ancestors and teachers in the world of spirit
    Understanding and using the power of the Medicine Wheel in everyday life
    Running powerful drum healing circles
    Strengthening your intuitive abilities
    Creating Sacred Space with drum, rattle and song
    Successfully using the drum in Ceremony and Ritual
    The way of the Shaman - Walking between the worlds
    Healing Ancestral and Family Wounds
    Trance Journey Work
    Healing the inner Child

    Dates for 2020/21:

                Module I    4 - 6 September 2020
                  Module II 12 - 15 November 2020
    Module III - early 2021: date to be confirmed during Module I


    The Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Bedfordshire MK45 4BT


    £ 1.000 Course Fees + £ 130 Materials for Drum- and Rattle Making


    +44 (0)7771 626 482

    What people say about this course....

    I wanted to thank you both from my heart. Your work is truly transformational, uplifting and a beautiful and deep source of much needed strength. You have both helped me so much.
    Ally G.

    I can't recommend this course enough for anyone who wants self development/Shamanic Drum Practitioner Training. For me it was an emotional path which has been powerful yet humbling at the same time. I have been a therapist and have done energy work for years, but I know without this course I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now. Thank you Steven and Renata with much gratitude.
    Linda G.


    Thank you with all my heart for such a wonderful course full of  wisdom and gems. I am fortunate to have been able to take part and I am benefitting greatly from  my daily practice with the Medicine Wheel. I am especially enjoying the journeys into all three realms.
    Felicity L.

    This course has been a truly amazing journey for me - challenging, uplifting, balancing, touching and heart opening. I have finally let go of addictions that I had already physically overcome but the pull towards them was lingering. I feel now that I will never go back which is an enormous relief and step forward for me. I am aware of the Medicine Wheel daily and feel so safe, protected and supported by that. My drum is my friend and I can play her anytime I need information, connection, healing and uplifting. I now feel I have a much deeper connection with nature, Mother Earth and the universe. I can connect with plants, animals and minerals on a much deeper level. I have learnt how to provide a Sacred Drumming Therapy for individuals and it has been fascinating to see the results.
    Aoife B.

    Without this course, without this work, without the depth of prayer of the Medicine Wheel and the healing from drum and from Spirit I would not have made it through the challenges of these last few months.
    Gabriella K.

    Excellent workshop. Very spiritual. Wonderful time. Can't recommend it enough!
    Chris H.

    Thank you for the Sacred Drumming Course! Although I have been involved in healing for twenty odd years, I have learned such a lot about healing, intuition and myself during the time the course has been running. Your easy ways and guidance make every weekend a joy to be on, I particularly like the way you encourage people to do what their heart feels is right and avoid the dogma and rigidity of other modalities I have studied. This has been my time to be true to myself.
    It was a revelation to learn that the drum is the main source of my learning; in listening to it and working with it I find that my senses are hightened and that tuning into my clients is so much more powerful and natural. I would certainly recommend this course!

    Brian J.

    Sacred Drumming with Steven Ash is a deep journey into Self-development and Self-cultivation....This course is a true voyage towards understanding your nature of being using the power of the drum.

    Dr. Peter V.


    Without this course, without this work, without the depth of prayer of the Medicine Wheel and the healing from drum and from Spirit I would not have made it through the challenges of these last few months.
    Gabriella K.

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