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2020 Stonehenge Healing Day - FULLY BOOKED!

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    We invite you to join us for a powerful and life changing day of healing and transformation
    at Stonehenge, Avebury and Kennet Longbarrow 

    on 12 May 2020


    For thousands of years people have made pilgrimages to sacred places to pray for healing and help. Stonehenge is one such place - a huge temple of light where the very air that we breathe is charged with power and potential. Here it is easy to connect with the Great Beings of Light to ask for the healing we need in body, mind and spirit.

    We live in troubled times and perhaps more than ever before we need the stabilising, healing and comforting power of ceremony and prayer to hold us steady and strong in a world that is crumbling all around us.

    Every year Steven and I take a select group of people into Stonehenge in private access to conduct a powerful healing ceremony. We petition for our own healing and trransformation, we pray for the people we love and care about and we pray for peace and love to fill the hearts of all living beings.

    As we awaken the guardians of this ancient healing temple through sacred sound and intent they willingly lend their power to our prayers. The giant stones awaken from their reverie, heaven and earth join together through our circle and the blessings of light and healing run deep into our bodies, our lives, our families, our world and our precious Mother Earth.

    Your participation is a gift of healing and transformation not only to yourself but also to your ancestors and all future generations.


    We meet at 12pm at Avebury for a drum circle and opening ceremony.
    Throughout the afternoon we will visit other powerful sites in the area like West Kennett Longbarrow, Knoll Down and Woodhenge for ceremony and ritual. At each place there will be time for quiet contemplation and meditation in preparation for the Healing Ceremony in Stonehenge which is scheduled  for 8pm - around the time of sunset.

    A detailed itinerary will be sent out to all participants a week before the event.

    Private access policy at Stonehenge allows for a maximum of 30 people and we have only 13 free places left which will be allocated on a first come - first served basis.

    For more information:

    Please contact us on info@sacreddrumming.co.uk
    or by phone on 0777 - 1626 482

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