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Songs of the Ancestors

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    Ancestral healing through song, drum and ceremony

    We are older than old
    This is our place, our time
    Souls - all souls - we are sparks of light
    dancing and held in the light of the Ancient Ones

    Our Grandfathers and Grandmothers live in our DNA; they live in the water we drink, in the air we breathe and in the land we walk upon. We can glimpse their presence as fleeting visions that look like memories and sound like rivers of laughter in a language as yet unknown to us. We need to listen to their presence in our daily lives.

    In this workshop we will embark on a healing journey with song, drum, rattle and ritual to:

    • Call the benevolent presence of our ancestors into our lives so we can listen to their stories and songs
    • Forgive and heal ancestral trauma and repeated memories through healing our DNA
    • Find our ancestral roots to instigate forgiving and healing the source of our personal disempowerment
    • Define who we are whilst at the same time deeply honouring those who have walked before us


    The loving guidance of our ancestors can be a profound source of strength and wisdom to draw upon in our lives. It can give us a sense of belonging and a new understanding about our place in a world where communities and families are breaking down.
    Through connecting with our ancestors and listening to their stories of belonging we find an expanded vision of ourselves and our lives. We are healed and transformed in ways beyond our imagining and in doing so we create a legacy that will enrich and empower the lives of all future generations. 


    Night Pastures Yurt
    Fernhurst GU27 3NH 

    For bookings please contact:
    Shirley Stump


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