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Eva Greenslade

Eva Greenslade Eva Greenslade
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    I am a mum of four children.  I work as a birth and postnatal doula, I am also a trainee pagan/ druid celebrant. I live in Brightn, Sussex. I love working with the frame drum and incorporating it into my work and daily life. 


    address : 17B Kenilworth Close, Brighton, BN2 4LF, East Sussex. 

    Tel: 07915 406 520 

    Website: www.evabaydoula.co.uk

    Blog: www.evabaydoula.blog 

    This course has changed my life in many ways, it has changed my work as a doula, and is giving me so much more to offer my clients and help them on their journey to becoming parents. I am also now on the start of a path of doing ceremonies that I never thought I would want to do. This course is also giving me very valuable tools for my personal life too. Steven and Renata are such a lovely couple to work with and learn from, they are wise and work from the heart. I really cannot recommend this course enough, this course will change many aspects of your life in a positive way if you allow it to! I feel for me it was the door that opened to a world I am only just taking my first step into. 

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