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Renata Dea Ash

Renata Dea Ash Renata Dea Ash
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    Renata Ash is accredited as a Drum Healing Practitioner and tutor. All practitioners are certified by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), the STA (Sound Therapists Association) and the College of Sound Healing
    Renata has been an integral part of Sacred Drumming since meeting Grandfather Wallace Black Elk back in 1996, when the wise holy man of the Lakota Sioux adopted Renata as his granddaughter after an Inipi sweat lodge ceremony in southern Britain.
    Renata is a gifted and clear teacher who has been working with rhythm and sound for many years. Her connection to the Divine Mother and her fierce determination to protect the Earth and her children are her passion and the focus of her work. Renata is the editor of the Sacred Drumming book and she is consistently encouraging and supporting the development and growth of Sacred Drumming in the UK and abroad.
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    Anonymous average rating 5 Renata is special!
    Wonderful, truly wonderful time and energy.

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Klagenfurt am W├Ârthersee
5 Co-originator & Senior Tutor
+44 (0)7771 626482
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