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Steven Ash

Steven Ash
Steven Ash
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    Steven was born in Cornwall, South West Britain in July 1951. At the age of six, he went with his family of six other brothers and sisters to live on Native American reservations in Canada. Wikwemikong, on Manitoulin Island on the north shore of Lake Huron and Oshwegan near Brantford, Ontario, became their home for the next 2 years. His father Dr. Michael Ash was the reservation doctor. Steven became the apprentice to his father, learning healing, geo-pathology and natural medicine. He started creating healing songs at the age of 16 and went on to learn the guitar, flute and Medicine Drum. In 1977 he travelled through North America, teaching natural medicine and meeting with Native American teachers. He has lived and studied with Ted Williams, Chief and Medicine Man for the Raven Tribe and was given the name of Tatanka Wanagi Wichasta, Buffalo Spirit Man, and given the honour of being a pipe carrier by Ed McGaa Eagle Man. He has been adopted as a grandson by Grandfather Wallace Black Elk and has been part of a team working within Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury and other sacred sites in England, Europe and world wide to facilitate the changes in the earth's energetic grid.

    Steven has a deep connection to nature and the rare gift to communicate with the spirits of animals, plants and stones in order to invite their support for his healing work. With Terry Webber and Renata Ash he is constantly developing the Rainbow Essences, www.rainbowessences.com Manufactured by Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacies these powerful solutions retune the human energy field and the 13 Portals of Power releasing resistance in the individual and home when there is need.

    Steven is a qualified TCM acupuncturist, cranial-sacral therapist, EMF Advanced Practitioner, Geo-pathologist and Feng-Shui consultant specialising in The Healing Home. Renata and Steven were adopted grandchildren of Grandfather Wallace Black Elk.

    He is the author of several books: Sacred Drumming Godsfield Press 2001, The Healing Home Chrysalis Press 2003, and co author with Renata of Relax Quadrillion Press 1998. He has presented internationally and recorded healing music as tapes and CDs including Hope One, Angels Hope 2, The Lords Prayer, Sacred Drumming, Light on the Skin, Emperors Birthday Party, Dance of Peace, Meditation Journey, Trance Journey and recorded music for Path workings with Sheena Morgan.

    In 1971 ITV South West (TSW) made a documentary Summer of the Ash Family, which won acclaim in International film festivals. A DVD has been produced by Andrew Logan on shamanic energy work called Harmonic Concordance.

    Renata and Steven give presentations and teach internationally The Healing Home, Healing Music, Sacred Drumming, and Rainbow Essences as Rainbow Medicine Circle: www.rainbowmedicinecircle.com

    With Terry Webber Steven runs Yew Shaman a course for adults and youth on Earth Medicine, held at the quarters and cross quarters of the year, on each full moon Earth healing walks are held to reconnect and strengthen personal intention.

    Steven is married to Renata and they have four beautiful children including an angel daughter.

    Steven Ash is accredited as a Drum Healing Practitioner. All practitioners are certified by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), the STA (Sound Therapists Association) and the College of Sound Healing
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    Anonymous, Rated: 5 A wonderful course
    Sacred Drumming with Steven Ash is a deep journey into Self-development and Self-cultivation. This course is a true voyage towards understanding your Nature of Being using the power of the Drum.
    Dr. Peter V.
    Dimitri Seirlis, Rated: 5 Lovely Classes
    Love the classes, recommend.


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