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Make your own Sacred Healing Drum

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    About the Sacred Drum

    The Sacred Drum is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to shift people's stuck energy and re-connect them with the stream of life to allow healing and transformation to happen.
    This workshop will be an opportunity for you to work from a deep place of stillness and meditation as you build your own medicine drum, focusing intently on what it is that you want to build into your drum.

    Why would I want to make my own drum?

    There is no drum that one can buy - however well and lovingly made - that can ever come close to the drum you make for yourself. 
Making your own Healing Drum is a deep and transforming experience that is part of a person's medicine, a person's learning. A drum made in this sacred way is a very different companion as the relationship between the maker of the drum, the animal that has given its skin and the wood that has given itself for the hoop is so personal and powerful. Such a drum becomes an extension of one's self and the experience of creating this mirror of yourself is something that will remain with you forever. Some people cry when they make their drum and the tears are woven into the drum. Others experience great joy and laughter and so that is woven into the drum. At all times during the process Spirit makes us aware of our own medicine and also of our own power and our potential and this is what  makes the drum unique and also priceless.

    What will I be doing during the workshop?

    The course begins with the smudging and honouring of the skin and hoops as well as all the tools that will be used in the process. Then each participant is gently guided through the process of making their drum and lovingly supported through moments of difficulty or painful memories that may surface. The workshop concludes with a beautiful ceremony to honour the Spirit of the Drum and create a sacred and deep connection between the drum and the drummer.

    This is a non- residential workshop, please bring a packed lunch, warm clothing and a blanket.

    Venue :

    Kingfisher Cottage, Birdham nr. Chichester, West Sussex


    Saturday 30 April - Sunday 1 May 2016
    Time: Saturday 10am - Sunday 4pm

    Cost including drum making materials: £295

    For Info and Booking please contact us:

    Email: info@sacreddrumming.co.uk
    Tel: 0777 - 1626 482
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