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The Mist

Posted: 22/03/2020 in Blog
Black Elk,Renata Ash,Steven Ash,Drumming,Sacred Drumming
Black Elk,Renata Ash,Steven Ash,Drumming,Sacred Drumming x
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By Steven Ash Buffalo Spirit Man

In my vision

I saw these beings all moving through a mist

the path was white

the mist was light

and trees were standing on either side

The first no matter what they did

moving sat or stood 

they disturbed the mist 

that passed through the wood

Others were standing and weaving too and fro

but they did not disturb the mist

the mist as white as snow

Every spring nature comes into bloom, there are waves upon waves of herbs, trees and shrubs blossoming with leaves and flowers. Aconites and crocus, moving onto primroses and then daffodils merging into bluebells just as the woodland trees open their fresh and young tenderest of leaves.

This corona virus is in bloom, traveling between shores of lands quietly and unnoticed, moving like a mist up the valleys carried on the breeze, on shirt collar and skin; in the spaces between things.

I see the blackbirds squabbling over establishing territory in the unfolding spring of the garden, only interested in themselves, their species. What concern to them is ours? In truth each species is only concerned with its own affairs!

This tiny malady unseen with the human eye, is us, part and parcel of our make up, inner workings, mutating and changing as it wishes, within our global and social consciousness as a species.

We are all related, everything is part of us and we are part of everything. Relax and stay quiet, time to rest and allow nature in. Be with good thoughts, life purpose and gratitude. Everything runs its course, the future is unseen and full of surprises including Grace.

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