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Ally Gerrish's Sacred Drumming Review

Posted: 18/03/2020 in Blog
Black Elk,Renata Ash,Steven Ash,Drumming,Sacred Drumming
Black Elk,Renata Ash,Steven Ash,Drumming,Sacred Drumming x
Review of the Sacred Drumming Course Sacred Drumming Medicine Path

Sacred Drumming is a healing modality rooted within the living traditions of the Lakota people, as shared by Black Elk an Oglala Lakota medicine man. Love of The Earth is central to all Shamanic practises. ‘’In conclusion, our survival is dependent on the realisation that Mother Earth is a truly holy being, that all things in this world are holy and must not be violated, and that we must share and be generous with one another -but you must think of Mother Earth as a living being. Think of your fellow men and women as holy people who were put here by the Great Spirit. Think of being related to all things!’ P208 ‘Mother Earth Spirituality’ by Ed Mcgaa, Eagle Man.

We are born in sacred relationship with the Earth and all life, all that is sacred or ‘Wakan Tanka’. I believe this is also called ‘Oneness’. Sadly the ‘Natural Way’ is lost to many of us, causing distress and disease.  On the Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Course we used simple and sacred shamanic practices, tools and rituals to heal and grow the body, mind, heart and spirit. This happens in safely, within sacred space i.e. inside the Medicine Wheel. Here, we reconnected to the Great Mystery and the healing forces of the natural world. We explored higher energies and worked individually and collectively for the greater good of Grandmother Earth and all life. Sacred Drumming helped me to remember, honour, explore, recover and deepen these lost essential sacred relationships. This is powerful medicine indeed.

On the Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Course, we joyfully learned how to create safe space for healing ourselves and others. The Course teaches strong shamanic healing practices simply and safely. We learned workable, straightforward and effective daily practises to: clear and cleanse our energies, create safe space, connect to and receive  higher guidance, hope, laughter and healing.

Through the College of Sound Healing, and our living teachers Steven and Renata Ash, we learned to work within the Medicine Wheel, inside it’s Sacred Directions and ‘open up’ and meet our true energetic or spiritual selves. We were enabled to learn how to offer daily appreciation and trust in energetic exchange, where we receive far more than we give. I learned offer love and gratitude with my entire being, and was guided to journey safely to find new allies to strengthen my own healing practise. Within the Medicine Wheel forged new alliances that enabled to explore and follow our own unique path and develop in truly authentic ways. Sacred Drumming enabled me to be fully available-physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually-for giving and receiving healing and helping. For the first time I was able to experience the strong energy of group healing work.

Secure within the best Sound and Shamanic Healing training, principles, tools and techniques, the Sacred Drumming Practitioner Course nurtured us participants holistically and deeply. We explored and developed as healer’s, human beings, and as a sacred hoop, collective or circle. (The Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Course is one of many fabulous courses on simple yet powerful and authentic therapeutic modalities offered through ‘The College of Sound Healing’).

For me, the Sacred Drumming Practitioner Course validated, embraced and nurtured my own Red Road. This was the spiritual path I had travelled. The course enabled me to connect to the collective energies of the Medicine Wheel, creating new experiences of belonging, giving, receiving, healing, helping and flowering. When I followed my heart to Sacred Drumming, I felt I had ‘come home’, I heard other participants saying the same thing. I was enabled to open and contribute to the oneness of all life-engaging with the energies of Sacred Drummers, Sacred Directions, Allies and Grandmother Earth. Sacred Drumming has evolved in my case, into much needed, genuinely honest, loving and healing relationships with kindred human beings, here and now, in this cohort of 2020.  The Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Course brought me ‘home’ to find my soul family, along with a massive energy shift - from working in isolation to working in connection with a wonderful global and growing family of healing souls.

Ally Gerrish 


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