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What is Sacred Drumming?

Posted: 15/11/2012 in Blog
Standing between Heaven and Earth, Walking betwixt Heaven and Earth, Sacred Drummer uniting Heaven and Earth Sacred Drumming

The awakening of drum healing in ceremony is fulfilling a deep need for our modern society in which close family and community ties are in decline.

Drum has been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers to shift people out of stuck energy and re-connect them to the flow of life in order for healing and transformation to happen. The power of the sacred drum lies in her ability to connect you with your bones, your heartbeat and your natural rhythms.

  • She acts as a mediator between heaven and earth, between the drummer and the spirits.
  • She is the tool that allows the shaman to travel safely between the worlds to connect with another person's medicine and bring back soul, so that the person seeking healing can break through the barriers that keep them from being whole and connected.

"Drum represents the whole world, she knows everything and she gave birth to all that is living. When we make a drum, we make an imitation of the mother; she is wisdom. We play on her and we beat and throb with her rhythm when we dance, pray and sing with the sacred drum."
Grandfather Wallace Black Elk
Excerpt from the book SACRED DRUMMING

Sacred Drumming is for everyone.

It does not require advanced physical abilities or specialized talents. It does not require participants to read music or understand music theory. Drumming, even a simple pattern, offers benefits to a huge range of people. Drumming is a universal language. It transcends gender, race, age, and nationality. In fact, nearly every culture on earth has some form of drumming tradition. Group drumming and drum therapy is currently being used for people with brain injuries or impairment, physical injuries, arthritis, addictions, and more. Studies are finding numerous health benefits from drumming for people with these conditions.

Health Benefits of Drumming:

Drumming reduces stress and boosts the immune system. Studies have shown that drumming lowers both blood pressure and stress hormones. The active component of drumming helps reduce stress in a number of ways. Itís fun, itís physical, and itís a great diversion from other stress-filled activities. Drumming is also meditative, inducing relaxed mental states that reduce anxiety and tension. Drumming combined with deep breathing and visualization techniques offers even more stress reduction benefits.

"We know that stress takes a toll on the immune system. When youíre under stress, blood levels of stress hormones go up and your body is no longer able to make killer cells and other cells of the immune system in the amounts it normally would, and that can lead to disease progression. Reducing stress is very restorative. It gets the system back in balance.Ē
says Ann Webster, PhD.

This statement is confirmed by a recent medical research study which clearly indicates that drumming does boost the immune system. According to cancer expert Barry Bittman, MD, the study demonstrates that group drumming actually increases cancer killing cells, which help the body fight cancer, viruses and other health diminishing conditions .
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