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The Sacred Drum is Calling

Posted: 13/02/2019 in Blog
Black Elk,Renata Ash,Steven Ash,Drumming,Sacred Drumming
Black Elk,Renata Ash,Steven Ash,Drumming,Sacred Drumming x

There is a sacred drum beating in our hearts, its soft rhythm spreading blood, food and Qi life force through our bodies. Up to the top of the head and down to the soles of the feet this steady beat drums into the Mother Earth as a gentle returning gift from us to her.

So little do we remember who we are and how powerful we can become. With shoes off, bare foot, gently walking on the Mother we can draw the Energy of the Sky Father down through us, making this gift ever more powerful.

The Sacred Drum helps us to focus our attention, listening within to the waters in our heart and all the subtle shades of sound that we have inside our human frame. From here we can focus downwards into the Earth, projecting healing to the Mother and all her children. She carries the healing of our drums into the waters of her soil, her babbling brooks, curving streams, flowing rivers and on into the salty seas and great oceans.

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