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Spring Imbolc Drumming Ceremony

Posted: 30/01/2019 in Blog
Spring Imbolc Drumming Ceremony
Spring Imbolc Drumming Ceremony x
Sacred Drumming for Imbolc Sacred Drumming Medicine Path

Five in the evening and its still light, the season is turning into spring.

You can feel it in the trees with their buds beginning to shine hazy pink with violet tips. Give the house a good spring clean, wash the floors, eject all that you don’t need from you that represents your body and soul as your home.

When you have finished cleaning, smudge and open the windows, let this fresh spring air from the north east cleanse the rooms and hallways. Visualise the spring powers of renewal pouring in as waves of violet and amethyst light. Pick up your drum and set a heart beat. Open the Medicine Wheel.

Now, look into the north east and invite the Imbolc Goddess and God energy of healing for the Self so that you can develop and function well during the next thirteen moons, that is all of the next year.

Numerologically, this is a three year, a year of movement and getting your life purpose going forward. Are you doing in your life that which you were born to do? If not turn around and head in that direction. Do what you love and serve others as you do it. This means you drum to pulse love into this new and fresh direction.

In the autumn we called on the ancestors now in spring we call into our spirit guides. I Call,

"Ho White Feather, Rohan, St Joseph of Arimathea I need you, we need you guide us with your clear refreshing light”

And they come because they are invited. Call the angels Gabriel and Uriel, call up Gaia…this is our prayer.

This is the time of the seed sprouting and the lambs being born from the warm womb of their Mother, into the white snow and chill wind.

Pray to all children yet to be born, may all nature be compassionate and pour on you, may your Mothers care for you, feed and keep you safe, may I remember to respect you, may I learn also as you…this is our prayer

When you have finished your prayers bring yourself back, then let your drum fly.

Drum the real you, drum like you mean it. Allow your three souls of your Self to fly into the north east direction, into the source from where the light is coming. Let this light come travelling in on your drum beat to your heart.

Your heart drum beat now brings it in and manifests all these prayers into your beautiful life.

Come to an end and thank the powers of the sacred directions for their support, do this counter sun-wise, thats the direction of Spirit.

Come back home with three solid beats 1, 2, 3. On 4 you are home.

Be grateful give thanks for this reality.


Ho To All My Relations Ho Mitakuye oyasin

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