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Posted: 21/11/2018 in Blog
Sacred Ceremony Sacred Drumming Medicine Path

Ceremony is an essential part of our Sacred Drumming practice. The ceremonial ritual brings each person in the circle into alignment with their higher Self with a capital "S”. Each individual is coming from their own world and needs to enter a space of non judgement and surrender, self importance, ego and judgement are left in the past, are left outside the circle. In ceremony we are all equal, and in Sacred Drumming, like the drum form we are circular, and the centre is empty.

There will be an altar in the middle but its centre is kept empty for Spirit to enter. Who or what is Spirit? Spirit is the energy of all possibilities alive and in the now, we leave space for that in the centre. Around this hollow space we place, we add, invite and honour what we know as the universe which is all around us, be humble, our knowing is limited. There is up and down, we can call that respectfully Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth, here we are sitting or standing between these two forces and since we receive everything in life from their presence, lets be grateful.

Ceremony is based on gratitude which is an immense power, especially when people get together in a circle and express it together. So we begin our ceremony with being grateful to the powers of the universe and we do this by building our drumming, songs and words in the direction of the natural generative cycles. Up and down, sky and earth is easy, we are in the middle, all the energy of pre manifestation is pouring down and making things come into being and grow. In the horizontal field we begin in the South, inviting the noon, abundance of life, feelings, fire, relationships children and summer. We then turn to the West honouring the fall, evening, harvest, maturity, letting go, listening, autumn and water. We turn sun-wise to the North, to night, being alone, emptiness, mystery and winter. Then we come to the East where see the day, year and life begin, where we start anew phase. Lastly we honour our inner world, where "Life” inside holds it all together, that something that has brought you and me safely to this point in time, gratefully peering out from behind our eyes.

The altar in the middle represents that whole great big picture, up, down, within and all around each one of us. In our ceremony we pull in and invite all the powers of the universe into the space we are all holding together as this circle or hoop, and it is just like a drum, empty in the middle. That is where the energy of the teaching comes from and it is unlimited, this is our sacred space.

From the mouth of the south

to the best in the west

pouring forth from the north

to the feast in the east

all the gifts of the earth

and the breath of the sky

I am that I am

I am the I

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