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Honouring Song

Posted: 19/11/2018 in Blog
Ceremony begins with Smudging Sacred Drumming Medicine Path

In many traditions an honouring song is shared between people. It brings us all together, we can share with each other respect and even if we are in new company, a strong feeling is generated of giving and receiving from the heart. An honouring song has to be simple and immediately singable so that we all can take part, it has to have a purpose and universal meaning. 

We use an ancient honouring song that surfaced during the first module of our Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training in 2014. Have you noticed how ceremony attracts the ancestors especially when you begin to smudge people with the smoke of sage using a good feather wand. I recognised the tune from the past and these words slipped in like a hand in a glove. You may know the tune, if not make a melody up; no one owns music, songs and sound become powerful when we share, amplify and bring out the sound without holding onto it as if it is personally ours.

The honouring song can be sung to humans, animals, plants, clouds, houses and mountains, it can even be sung to the creator sun, moon and stars.

Light your smudge waft the smoke around your own body first and sing: 

I honour me, I honour me just the way I am. 

I honour me, I honour me just the way I am. 

I honour me, I honour me just the way I am, I honour me, I honour me, I honour me.

Now go to someone else, bow your head in respect and begin to smudge them and sing:

I honour you, I honour you just the way you are.

I honour you, I honour you just the way you are

I honour you, I honour you just the way you are

I honour you, I honour you I honour you.

The Honouring Song gets people immediately singing and smiling, it has a magical way of softening the atmosphere and removing fear from participants taking part in the Sacred Drumming  courses. When they arrive with expectations and reservations their shields are up, singing and doing movements that break the ice frees the spirit and soul allowing the authentic Self to feel safe. There has not been one occurrence where this sweet and yet magnificent gift has not been appreciated. 

In every Sacred Drumming ceremonial occasion that Renata and I have held the Honouring Song followed by the Song of the Sacred Directions has provided the power and invitation to the Great Spirit of entering the circle, where the centre is open and empty. The energy generated by respect and true care for others becomes amplified a hundred fold, this is the foundation of our work, to encourage others and become ourselves hollow, clear and available like the Sacred Drum.

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