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Tick Wi - I raise my hands to you

Posted: 09/04/2018 in Blog
matika wilbur,medicine prayer,native teachings
matika wilbur,medicine prayer,native teachings x
Medicine Prayer by Matika Wilbur Sacred Drumming Medicine Path

This practice is essential and fundamental to our behaviour as humans, the fact that it has been kept alive by the first nation people of the Americas is their gift to us.

Therefore its worth giving thanks to them and their ancestors for handling the ignorance laid upon them with so much grace and humility.

I listened to a prayer tonight on a TED Talks given by Matika Wilbur a Native American photographer:

"To the Creator, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and the people of this place,

and those who came before me and walked here.

I would like to ask for your special blessing today.

I’d like to say a prayer for healing, for our minds and hearts, for all of you here today.

I’d like to say a prayer for the two leggeds, the four leggeds, the winged beings, the sea creatures, for the water.

I’d like to open up our hearts and minds, to take away our fear, our struggle.

And give us the courage to find a new way to respect one another.

A new way to honour one another.

So for all of you, and for all my relations, I offer you this humble prayer.

I apologise for anything I didn’t say or should have said.

I’m young and still learning, and I hope you will take pity on me.

I say "Tickwi” I raise my hands to you”

This prayer contains the essential message of what we are doing together. When I read about the future prospects for our children’s children according to Yuval Harari in his book Homo Deus- a short history of tomorrow, I see that by us holding onto these deep truths we can be part of the tree of life coming into bloom. That is why we are doing it, coming together and healing through the drum.

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