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The Medicine Wheel is a Flexible Friend by Mike Barron

Posted: 11/02/2018 in Blog
The Medicine Wheel is a Flexible Friend by Mike Barron
The Medicine Wheel is a Flexible Friend by Mike Barron x
Flexible friend Sacred Drumming

The medicine wheel has been used in many cultures, in many forms, for thousands of years. From the layout of enclosures, mounds and stone circles. As well as Tibetan Thangka (Tanka). Celtic Cross, and even the layout of Cathedrals and Churches.

The Sacred directions have been called upon for the needs of mankind throughout time, across the ages. For health of the individual and community, for abundance in harvest and husbandry. For contacting our ancestors and creating a safe space for deep contemplation and journeying.

In my own use of a medicine wheel, I noticed that as a first daily practice formed, and a kind of template emerged which felt comfortable. A feeling of centred calm came into my decision making. This was a great relief as the pushing gave way to allowing.

This safe place that is created can allow us to use our healing gifts safely, for ourselves and others. Whatever Therapy we use, Holistic or Allopathic, or for meditation, journeying , sleeping.

A place that our thoughts are our own, and no intrusions impinge onto our process.

Using positive Prayer and Mantra in this space of sacred access is to contact the source. A source which knows us. As it is us. Getting to feel and sense the energies of the sacred directions in a personal way is a powerful way of becoming our authentic self. And a way to finding a path that unfolds before us, to step into with confidence that our part has validity and can make a difference.

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