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Hunta Yo-Clear the Way

Posted: 06/02/2018 in Blog
Hunta Yo-Clear the Way
Hunta Yo-Clear the Way x
We need to awaken to the reality within our thoughts Sacred Drumming

When I awake I  am grateful - I have another day to live.

Doing my morning chores I see oblong pictures of history in the family, faces and forms of people, men and women I know and yet not know.

It seems that Renata also sees the same scenarios, but her interpretation is different - more personal and more involved. Alone in her inner world of emotions and memories she has to ride her own waves of sadness and happiness brought into consciousness by the ancestral memories buried deep in the folds of her DNA. In our inner world we are all alone - no one can follow us into the depth of its cave. It is for us alone to explore and heal.

In our everyday awareness we are living in the same death as our fathers, mothers, grandparents and the stream of ancestors fanning back into our past.

"Hunta Yo, Hunta Yo, Clear the way!”

As we go forward we are dragging a huge net of collective memories that we project forward into our day.

Breathe and drum into the wave of nowness and know that you are here now as the most evolved manifestation of your group soul. Individually and collectively we have the power and perhaps even the duty to know and heal the past for ourselves, our children and also for the ancestors who went before us. This entry was posted in Blog, and tagged Uster, Trommeln, Event, Trommellehrer, Trommelkurse, Kurse, Workshop, Teamentwicklung, Afrikanische Rhythmen, Djembe, Congas, Einzelunterricht, Trommelevents in Firmen und Schulen,. Bookmark the permalink.
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