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Bison as fertiliser

Posted: 30/12/2017 in Blog
bison,new year,sacred drumming,bison as fertiliser,music healing
bison,new year,sacred drumming,bison as fertiliser,music healing x
Slaughter of American Bison for fertiliser WOW Sacred Drumming

I bought a paper like the Big Issue called 'We the People' in the supermarket car park.
Written in Deutsch so it will take me weeks to read, 
since Im still slowly learning the language. 
I came to this picture, 
taken in 1892 in the midst of the wiping out of the Sioux and Plains Indians of North America.
Can you see the hill of skulls and bones?
By slaughtering the herds of Bison that migrated like a flood up and down the grass lands, 
south to north according to the seasons. 
The invading European people were able to starve the first nation people off the land, 
warriors can not fight on an empty belly.
The bison bones were then used as fertiliser, 
and of the meat only the tongue was taken, the rest was left as carrion.

I had a vision, in which I went into the underworld, 
and I met the bison under ground. 
They called to me "Bring us up" I felt the job was too big and walked away.
The buffalo leader called me back "Do not turn away, you must bring us back up"
I turned around and accepted the call...Bring back the buffalo nation.

The buffalo nation is calling us back to the sacred drum. 
Like their hooves drumming on the land, like thunder,
as a river of sound we are learning to drum like the buffalo people. 
What is it to be strong? 
It is to be free without fences and restrictions. 
It is to follow the seasons, it is to be a family, 
and an extended extraordinary family, 
inviting all to run with us, 
to feed with us and to truly own the land by being caring and respectful.
After all the land upon which we walk is our true mother.

We have a lot to learn from the past.
Now we are loosing the coral reefs as we lost the bison.
But what is the solution?
To be conscious, 
to trust where we are all going.
To know that we are all part of life moving forward.
What we do matters.
What we think and feel matters.

Our power begins with our intentions, 
these are the pictures in our imagination,
that which is going to be made manifest by us.

In Sacred Drumming we are finding our animal spirit helpers.
I am Buffalo Spirit Man the bison are my helpers.
For me you are the buffalo nation waking up, 
and coming up to be seen and heard.
You are helping me to fulfil my vision, so I say "thank you" to you.

Have a wonderful 2018 and may your vision become full and brim over the side of your chalice.
Your chalice is your heart, 
so may your heart be full and may you be happy for the next 13 moons.
Love and Peace
Steven buffalo spirit man
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