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Why Vision Quest

Posted: 28/08/2017 in Blog
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sacred drumming, vision quest poem, x
All of Life Will Love Us All of LIfe Sacred Drumming

Why Vision Quest or All of Life Will Love Us All of Life

We stay asleep

until we choose to awaken

Awaken to the shape of breathing

descending unto, under and beneath

arising and lifting with ascent

Yet not staying

not lingering 

Each small part a blessing

a thing in space and time

to relish and discover

A wave with no thing moving

just lifting and falling

Between them both a smooth shelf

sharing all the shapes of the curving wave

That which rises

then falls

Who Am I to judge?

says the wise observer

Who Am I to halt at any port

and pretend I know

A port is a place of safety

to restock

to rest

to unload

Allow nature to unload you

invite nature to rest you

embrace a new cargo

for your next voyage journey of adventure

Where will you and I go?

will it be our decision

held within the confines of

history patterns and control

Same old pattern

Same old vision

from behind locked doors

Who will unlock your door

our door, my door

Who will unlock it?

Let me be free

Let me rent myself again

Invest in owning me

But I must love what I own

otherwise it is a wasted chance

I must buy shares in myself

otherwise the voyage and visions future is wasted

the ship is sunk

Before shehe or heshe makes way

So I must awaken

keep breathing and

stop judging how and when and if I arrive

A master said

"awaken, awaken, awaken

whilst you are in this body

for everything is within it

Nature the earth and the sky

in magnificent chaos of balanced

forces easing, shaking and shivering

Nature in colours, texture and taste calls us

Calls all of us, me you and the postman

To unlock our predictable safe house

of knowing each day in suffocation

Become as crazy and colourful

as all the flowers that bloom

We are and can be those flowers

we bloom and unfold each petal

with each deepening breath

stretching each petal arising

Exposing delicate shimmers

on long stalks of delight

attracting smiles and tasting so sweet

Nectar of honey and syrup

Who will love us?

I ask who will love us?

All of Life 

Will Love Us

All of Life 

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