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Summer Solstice 2017

Posted: 20/06/2017 in Blog
sacred drumming,summer solstice,mouse,healing
sacred drumming,summer solstice,mouse,healing x
Mouse in the South Sacred Drumming

Dear Sacred Drummers

Here we are, we have arrived.

The light has come building steadily from the cold bitter winter stone black night, through a gathering spring, and now light is full and over flowing, heat-light-on.

We are at Summer Solstice.

What does it mean for you?

Is it really the beginning of summer with holidays, Italian vanilla ice creams and lazily swimming in cool blue pools.

Or is it the turning point and we now begin to see the prospect of cooler shortening days and long lengthen of the nights.

In Native teachings Summer Solstice corresponds to the South direction, and what are the attributes of the south and do these qualities relate to the Solstice for you?

South is the child, and the inner child; yellow and red with blazing heat and fire; gentle warm and safe touch of the skin, sex and relationships; physical and emotional development, with growth reaching its zenith. 

These are all signifying abundance and prosperity, fertility and youth, everything is at its prime.

Strangely one of the animal allies of the south is the mouse and often I have sought to reason why.

Today walking in the meadows under the towering Mittakskogel mountain standing proudly at over 2000 meters in the south of our medicine wheel I made my prayers, whilst Neda our dog sniffed and scratched the dry earth for mice and voles which she regards as a mid morning snack. I bellowed at her to leave off and then got thinking of "mouse in the south.”

Can I be humble like mouse?

Can I be as natural and authentic, just me with no airs and graces.

Can I be busy in my day without seeking reward.

Can I be grateful and simply appreciate all the wonderful gifts that summer brings?

As I chanted "Can I be” with an extending list of statements that run along the same theme. 

I realised that summer solstice is about being humble and grateful for all that is placed upon my table, in my wallet and part of my home.

Grateful for Renata, the children, the amazing friendships and touch I receive; and the fact that its all given without conditions.

I just have to open up and allow it all to flood in, take off the brakes and admit, welcome all the abundance to trundle in like a supermarket trolley bursting its wiry steel, open up. 

Open up and be grateful, be warm and soft, say thank you and I love you, be me, just be me.

Mouse is teaching me to be humble, drop my shell of self importance, and release my need to control the outcome, just stay in the present moment like mouse and all will be well.

I wish you all well, if you did read this…

Thank you and I love you, and if I have ever offended you please forgive me…

The mouse in me is humble.

Steven Tatanka Wanagi Wichasta

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