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When your drum splits

Posted: 12/02/2017 in Blog
When your drum splits
When your drum splits x
Winter time drum hazards with central heating Sacred Drumming

When a drum breaks it is a message of something breaking inside the drummer. It often happens in the winter when the house is very dry, so keep your drum in a cool dry place rather than the heated sitting room, I have repaired two drums this week because of this. Now you will need to get on and repair it, and it is easy and a lot of fun. 

This is what I do. Whilst your drum is still dry look at where you can put replacement holes(knowing that the skin is weak in the area of the split holes give extra skin between the hole and the skin edge), so long as they do not go into the face it will be OK, mark the positions so that later you can make the new holes. Be bold and trust spirit and your creative skills. Now dampen the skin by laying a wet towel (for a few hours) over the lace and drum skin faces and and when soft enough get the hoop out, you want to keep the hoop as dry as possible so that it dosen’t warp or come apart which might happen if you soak the whole drum in the bath. Now take the rawhide pieces apart from the hoop and soak them over night. Make sure that you remember in reverse the lacing up method, so you can put it back together, this is a wonderful exercise since it reinforces the drum making process and you realise how easy it is. Cut the marked new holes, keep the holes small and gently stretch them open with a chop stick. Re-lace up the drum as you did in the first making and do not stretch the skin tight over the hoop, keep it a little slack rather than taught, as it is for all of us, we break apart when we are stressed. 

Be aware of how you and your drum have grown since you first made it.

These are some questions you may wish to ask yourself. 

What has changed in you?

Can you feel why the drum needed to break? 

Is there anything to learn about you caring for your self?

Are you keeping on the path?

Are you being true to yourself?

How are you handling stress?

The big word is CARE. 

You will have after this a drum that has more character and authenticity, I really love the drums I have repaired they are much more me, a bit battered and weather beaten. Have fun and text me if you have any questions about the process and equipment…for chop sticks go and get a sushi!

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