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world sound healing day

Posted: 27/01/2017 in Blog
world healing event,college of sound healing,sound healing,drumming
world healing event,college of sound healing,sound healing,drumming x
Feb 14th distance healing for tolerance and peace Sacred Drumming

World Sound Healing Day February 14th 2017

The College of Sound Healing and Sacred Drumming Drum Healing Event

The power of the Sacred Drum is not limited to time and space. Where ever you are on Mother Earth you can join in and be part of a distance healing drumming event to bring peace and tolerance into world affairs. Between 7-8pm UK time we will join together in a virtual drumming circle from our homes to build a connection based upon the heartbeat. If you want to invite friends to join you this will increase the feeling  of coming together as a soul family. From your heartbeat allow your drums to express the heartbeat of all life. Know that we are connected by silver lines of love - this is our time to act and partake in bringing peace and tolerance into our homes, our society and our world.

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