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Are We The Healers?

Posted: 09/12/2016 in Blog
We must learn to get out of the way Sacred Drumming

Renata sent this email out to a student, and it makes so much sense that I felt it would be appropriate to put it into the blogs.

Please open this up for discussion, with warm regards Steven buffalo spirit.

She says:

Firstly, it makes me very happy to see your enthusiasm and dedication to the work - thatís exactly the attitude needed to be successful!

However, there are a few things that I want and need to point out to you.

The first rule in healing work is to stay away from diagnosing. I talked about that on the CPD day, but then I remembered that of course you were not there.

Staying away from diagnosis/your interpretation of what you perceive, is so very important - I cannot stress it enough.

You are very sensitive and pick up more than most people, but let me ask you the question: how can you know that what you perceive is true?

It could be a projection of your own energetic state that you pick up through the other person, or - and this is true most of the time - you may not see the whole picture.

The human energy field is complex and constantly changing. Our diagnosis may or may not be true - in many cases we miss important things.

So when you begin to use the drum around a person, or the pendulum or any other working tool, simply be aware where the energy doesnít flow/feels heavy/different.

No need to give it a name. That way you will work better and without assumptions.

It also doesnít give the ego room to butt in!

And now to the actual healing process.

Let me make it very clear - you are not the one doing the healing.

You are a facilitator for a beautiful, refined, powerful, exquisite energy from Spirit to flow through you. It is this energy together with the inherent healing potential of the human being that brings about healing. Therefore, the clearer and empty you are, the more this energy can flow and manifest.

It would be arrogant to the extreme for anyone to say: I AM HEALING ANOTHER PERSON.

We are just tools in the hands of the Divine whose energy is flowing through us.

I donít know of one great healer - and I have know quite a few in my time - who would have described themselves as healing someone. They know the truth: that healing is an act of grace, and the more we can refrain from letting our ego get in there, the better the healing will be.

In the end, how much healing can happen is between your client and Spirit. You and your drum are the interface between the two.

We can only ever do our best in being as open, receptive and humble as possible during a session.

And this is also a reason, why it is best to not make any diagnoses.

This way the ego has got nothing to hold onto and get its teeth stuck into especially after the experience.

It is Spirit doing the work through you, and you are simply there to channel the energy and observe the changes in the clientís field.

Donít let yourself get drawn into explanations by your client either - it doesnít serve either of you.

So if you can be open and empty during the session, then the healing energy can flow through you as grace from the Divine and effect changes.

The outcome is not up to you, it is not your responsibility because you donít know the path that this particular person has to walk in order to fulfil their purpose.

If you approach your sessions with this attitude then you wonít be exhausted afterwards.

Spirit is doing the work and you are the channel through which the energy is directed and flows. What a privilege!

And you get recharged yourself in the process as a gift for making yourself available.

But if you let your ego get in there, firstly by providing a "diagnosisĒ and then willing the healing to go a certain way so that what you have diagnosed will be corrected, then you are blocking the divine healing energy, and instead you are using your own energy. And contrary to the divine healing your energy is finite, and consequently you are left knackered after a session, and this gets worse and worse until you have to stop doing healing work altogether.

There are many well-meaning healers who had to stop because of burn-out as a result of their false perception of the act of grace that healing was always meant to be.

Both you and I donít want this to happen to you - you have too much potential to go down that path.

I hope you really hear what I am trying to say to you.

Work on yourself, make sure you are as clear and open and empty as you can be before a session, and then let Spirit do the work.

I can guarantee you that if you do that, you will be very successful.

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