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Posted: 07/08/2016 in Blog
Heaven x
we live in heaven its on earth Sacred Drumming

  • It is very hot, I gave Joy my canoe a coat of varnish this morning and just had to slip into the warm water to cool down, heaven.
  • We travel over to Scotland next week to take a group up to Iona, heaven.
  • I live with the most astounding and beautiful woman, heaven.
  • Our four beautiful children give us nothing more than pleasure, heaven.
  • The meadows are full of flowers, butterflies and loads of grasshoppers bouncing around, heaven.
  • The corn maidens are so green, with cobs filling with sweet juice and anthers swinging in the warm breeze, heaven.
  • Our lunch of fresh runner beans and egg mushroom risotto..was, wait for it, heaven.
So the point is if I find heaven here on Earth and not live in cloud and cuckoo land waiting for heaven to come when I am dead, then I reckon I will be more grateful for all the joy, balance and happiness that is available in just being alive right now. This is heaven if I want it to be.

I love Orion and the crisp power of winter when he comes with his spear out to hunt, chasing the Taurus bull and the seven maidens of the Pleiades across the indigo skies, the season has changed the days are shortening and we have that to look forward to. Did you know that the corn maidens ripening out in the fields were a gift from the Pleiades to the children of Earth.

I grew up on Canadian reservations but feel a stronger link with Lakota, mainly because the Black Elk Clan in the realm of the ancestors is very supportive of our work.

Search other traditions, but know it is Nicholas Black Elk and his nephew Wallace Black Elk who are behind what we are doing, we have a direct line to them, try drumming towards their spirits and see what happens. Go into the internet and google Black Elk and you will be happy for hours, you will see lots of pictures of them and these will help you to make a strong connection to their spirits. This entry was posted in Blog, and tagged Uster, Trommeln, Event, Trommellehrer, Trommelkurse, Kurse, Workshop, Teamentwicklung, Afrikanische Rhythmen, Djembe, Congas, Einzelunterricht, Trommelevents in Firmen und Schulen,. Bookmark the permalink.
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