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Sacred Drumming Day in Wales 22 November

Posted: 05/11/2014 in Blog
Sacred Drumming Day in Wales 22 November
Sacred Drumming Day in Wales 22 November x
try out sacred drumming Sacred Drumming

Sacred Drumming


Steven Ash

at Peace Haven, on the 22nd Nov. 2014.

info Tel. Mike Barron on  01588 620572

Steven will be giving us a glimpse into the power of the medicine wheel. 

This sacred space can be used for protection, journeying, healing, contacting our ancestry  and so much more.

The day may also include a journey to our lower worlds and upper worlds. This will depend on how  Steven feels the group and energy are on the day.

" I have been working with the medicine wheel for ten years in use with sound healing, gong groups, soul retrieval and sacred drumming. The medicine wheel has become a major part of my daily practice. This is a great opportunity to work with Steven for a day.” Says Mike

Steven and his wife Renata have been working with the College of Sound Healing for many years, Steven will be giving drum healing sessions 18-20th November at Peace Haven, Give me a call if you are interested. 

For more info please give me a phone call on 01588620572

Cost £60 from 10am to 5pm (arrive in good time for a prompt

start at 10am).

Please bring a packed lunch a blanket and cushion  and  a hoop drum if you have one.

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