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Posted: 17/10/2014 in Blog
Keeping the world in balance is my responsibility Sacred Drumming

We are having an Inipi lodge here tomorrow and I can not sleep, instead I get dressed and spend the night walking the medicine wheel on the land, up to the sweat lodge and back to the circle of stones I trudge questioning " what is going on, why am I so ill at ease?" Hours later back in the house I use my medicine stones and needles to treat my personal disturbance and as I become more open, relaxed I begin to see the truth.

I have chosen this path of personal and global healing, this is what I do, therefore I must take responsibility to re-establish balance in my little life and world and see this microcosm as a reflection of the greater whole. Hardly feeling a heart pulse, I begin treating with my gold needles all the relevant acu points for heart function with quick and flowing movements. 
As my balance is restored I remember this story of the Kogi Mamas in South America. 

A village is troubled, people are sick and the community is disjointed. A mama is invited in to make good the situation, the healer barricades himself into a little house in the centre of the town to pray. The people say " What's he doing, we brought him here to sort this place out, and he is in there sleeping and having a holiday!" Three days later out trots the Mama fresh as a daisy, and strangely the village is more at peace. When asked about his time in confinement he explaines. "When I came here the place was out of balance and I could feel it, so I have been spending the last three days restoring my balance knowing that what is happening in me is a reflection of the whole community, and how is everyone doing?" With big smiles they say "Oh we are much better thank you, the sun is shining, we got the crops in whilst you slept and the sick people are now eating, all is well." 

I have been reading about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, pain and suffering in Palestine, how  since 1970 we have lost 50% of the natural species that share the world us, especially the animals and fish in the sweet fresh waters...how can I not be effected!

This coming Inipi lodge I realise is about balance, being and finding my power to heal, in the now I can and will stay allowing this frequency to exude from my inner self out into the world, community and family. In a nutshell I have crafted this conclusion.

When the world, community and family loose balance,
us medicine people come together.
Within our own disturbance we restore equilibrium. 
This effort of growth brings balance to the individual, family and world community.
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