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Posted: 31/08/2014 in Blog
In July we moved to Germany Sacred Drumming

Renata and I moved to Oberfranken in Southern Germany, the nearest town is Selb near Hof on the border with the Czech Republic.
This was not a sudden move but it happened fast. We have been looking towards living in a community for the past 5 years and Selb just kept calling us. Over the last 7 years we have held seminars and stone people lodges here twice a year. The land is pristine, green open fields with no fences, babbling trout streams and tall pine forests and buzzards winging in the clear air. Far from the bustle of west sussex we are settling into our new home on the ground floor of a 17th century farm house, we cook on a wood burning stove Heinz and I have just finished cutting and splitting the logs for winter, it is great to be physical.

We moved because it was time to change the chapter, turn the leaf over to a new page. Our children Joy and John are out of the nest and we are free to do what we wish to do...We have a purpose in our lives that needs to be fulfilled...to sing, drum, celebrate the seasons and serve the Spirit that is making life happen.

We will be returning to Britain to run courses at least four times a year on Sacred Drumming and the Sacred Heart Journey's
If you wish to stay in contact with us email steven@sacreddrumming.co.uk or info@rainbowmedicinecircle.com Tel: 0044 7771626482 local rate.
Our new address is Laubbhuel 1. D-19500, SELB, Germany
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