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Work of Beauty

Posted: 13/01/2014 in Blog
sacred drumming,heartbeat,zsuzsanna budapest,144000,grandmother moon
sacred drumming,heartbeat,zsuzsanna budapest,144000,grandmother moon x
Having the confidence to do this work of beauty Sacred Drumming

It is a beautiful morning; we have awoken well with another day to live.
Frosty white in early January and the daffodils are slicing up green into the clear blue air, like flexible pointed crystals.

The government is endorsing "fracking” by encouraging councils with tax incentives to allow Shell and any other petro-chemical-pharma business to extract shale gas from beneath the green grass and rolling hills of our beautiful island.

I don’t believe this is either good nor bad, I don’t believe full stop.

But, I know that this is an opportunity to use our life force for visioning a clear and positive future for our children’s children and beyond, who we are borrowing this land from.

Settling into my meditation under the brilliant emerald green sabai my mind began its regular chatter "Monday morning-work, what are you doing for a living? Are you a taker a slacker or what?” Breathe I say to myself, breathe, and looking at the shimmering sabai, green meadows and fields of future summer corn spring into view.

Quickly I find peace, seeing my inner light, an orb bright and clear. I can hear also the zinging sound of my soul being a bridge between me inside and the sounds of life going on around my place of stillness.

"Have the confidence to do this work of beauty” I am told. It takes courage to meditate, souls giving time and energy towards feeding love into the earth takes courage and dedication. When I am gone and my body returns to thin dust and brown soil, how will I have spent my time? This is my choice; I choose to breathe.

There is a rhythm in and on the earth, a mystery to find with a hand on a drum, or a striding walk to the village. The beat starts within me, in my blood, the pulse of the heart regulating and balancing all my fluid movements. I will only be dead when this wave upon wave of all life giving fluids ceases circulating within me; to look and listen for this with my inner eyes and ears is the greatest gift and quest.

The "drums are the sound of the universal belly; the drums keep the heartbeat company” says Zsuzsanna Budapest in her book Grandmother Moon. May be we are most useful when we let go of the social expectations and become totally our true selves. There is a wonderful prophesy about 144,000 souls, all human, making the difference between the survival and demise of our species. By elevating our consciousness so that we become the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth we can elect to be in this group.

Drum, be in the universal belly; drum, feel the heart beat. There are many hearts beating, in the snow white gulls scudding over the brown crashing shore break, churning after the storm; both gull and wave are the sea’s heart beating. Great walnut tree, asleep, blown bare of its last twisted leaves, with crinkly bark that run rivers in the rain; I put my ear to the trunk and listen for spring sap gurgling, a sweet awakening heart beat. Like the gull and wave can be seen as a conjoined heartbeat within the universal pulse, so to for I and the walnut tree, if I and the tree can find a common language, we too can be part of the universal pulse.

Drum is the route, the way to travel into the languages between the worlds; starting with yourself, finding your way to remember something old, very primal; tuning into the whole from the centre, you first need to find your core. Allowing drum to take you forward from there, into where you can squeeze through, and you listen and you watch. Pictures and sounds tell their story, all life is conscious, and now you have found access, a bridge to cross over into these magical kingdoms.

We sacred drummers are the content within a great vision, the future dream that we are all part of, a future which is a work of beauty. Gaining confidence comes from us doing it, being in the beauty as if we deserve a life without struggle. We shake loose from our labours of the past and project our thoughts forward, drumming on our heart beat to unite all hearts to become one.

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