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The Heart of Sacred Drumming

Posted: 17/09/2013 in Blog
drum brings the heart into coherence
drum brings the heart into coherence x
Sacred Drumming brings the heart back into balance Sacred Drumming

The Heart of Sacred Drumming


I am in a beautiful garden in the south of England. Here nature is allowed to shape itself and the seasons flourish. Just three miles from the coast, the sea is crashing in on the shingle after last nights storm, this so beautiful.


From the beginning of this incarnation nestled in the safety of our mother’s womb, the first sound you and I experienced was the steady beat of our mother’s heart. In the womb our heart began beating 22 days after conception and synchronized to be at the same rate as our mothers, of about 70 beats per minute. During development your embryonic heart steadily accelerated to 165+ beats per minute as gestation continued.


In the womb you were safe, nothing to worry about; you didn’t have to earn a living or pay the taxman, every thing was on tap coursing in and out through the umbilical chord.

The heart beat of a mouse is 600; one beat every 10th of a second! Going like mad as it chews its cheese. Our resting heart beat is about 60 beats a minute, a beat a second

Let’s set that up as we talk. One and two and three…..

In sound healing drum is fundamental. Drum can mimic and steady the heart rate. Bringing your consciousness back home; returning you to the beginning, which is in the moment of now? I learnt a lot from Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, he taught me to base our drum work around the human heart beat. Allowing drum to do the healing, we follow looking and listening.

As you drum you will hear voices and nature come out as you pat the skin. Most health problems are stress related, the stress of anxiety, fear, worry, depression and disappointment, these are epidemic. We think we can sort it out by staying in control with the mind, steering our way through these crazy seas with flapping sails...

Drum can bring us back to the serenity and wisdom of the heart. Scientific studies and research at HeartMath has shown that:

"The heart plays a primary role in establishing and stabilizing emotional patterns. The heart is a sophisticated information encoding centre, with an intrinsic nervous system or "little brain” which enables the heart to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the head brain” (Armour and Kember 2004)


Let’s do an exercise to create heart rhythm coherence. Listen to a drumming heart beat, tap it out, listening from the pulse at the radial artery on the wrist.

Stand and relax your face. Relax your limbs, torso and head. Smile and breathe. With this heart beat begin to move, swaying slowly and gently. Bring your focus into the movements; see these movements as being perfect, just right for the world around you and the world inside you.

Now open your eyes and look at the world. See that all the individual life forms have a heart beat keeping their lives coherent and regular….as you do this hold a deep breath and then let the breath go…let your heart slow down further…seek the rhythm in the trees and plants, they have like you regulation and consciousness. This is sacred drumming.

This Sacred Drumming Practitioners training course is going to anchor you down into the fundamental use of the drum as a healing tool; drawing from the best of shamanism and modern medicine. We as caring and compassionate humans can simply bring life back into balance and allow trust to take it on from there. This drum medicine course is certified by the college of sound healing, the Complimentary Medical Association and the Sound Therapy Association.

I look forward to you joining us on the next course starting in February 2014 you can find details on the sacred drumming website. www.sacreddrumming.co.uk




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