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Rattle Medicine in Sacred Drumming

Posted: 12/02/2013 in Blog
Rattle shakes things loose Sacred Drumming

Rattle is a great medicine tool, not only is it soothing and comforting but also very strong in shaking things out, loosening up concepts, confusing the dominance of the controlling mind.

Look how safe a little baby feels with a rattle, the baby leans itself towards the sound, mesmerised and drawn into all the tiny moments uttered by the shaking "thing"
With us grown ups, our inner child who has seen, heard, felt and tasted all of life's experiences to date yearns to release the trauma accumulated and return to the innocence. Rattle does this, when used gently it soothes away the hardship and allows the inquisitive joy to unfold out of the depths of judgment, hurt and fear.

Rattle also shakes things loose, breaking up obstructions and concreted thought forms. Rattle is used in drumming treatments following drum, to break up remaining more subtle and hidden blocks, refining and sifting. When rattle is used many spirit beings become available, John Fire Lame Deer says that the 405 little round stones inside the rattle which come from ant hills are the number of spirit helpers available to us in healing.

Rattle loosens up concepts; I notice that when rattle gets going I begin to laugh, I stop taking myself seriously, dancing and bouncing begins in my body as I follow the  shape of the sound. Reminding me of the shingle on the beach as the wave sucks back the stones, shaking and laughing in the surf. These stones each have a story to tell, a history that is millions of human years in remembering. We can listen to their tales in the sound of rattle. Our thoughts and judgments are instants long and yet they dominate and strangle us, rattle loosens them up.

Big rattles can make big sounds and smell like gunpowder as all the tiny stones crash around chattering to each other or be like soft ebbing waves on the sea shore.
Medium size rattles are good for medicine work with others, even and consistent in sound they can be used in the aura with safety, be very gentle around the ears.
Tiny finger sized rattles can fit in your pocket, these are for medicine on yourself and others, really safe, put a bell on the handle...how the inner child loves this.

Make a rattle for your self, even better make two! Hold one in either hand and move around letting your whole body get involved with the fun of your little real human child that is lurking behind that grown up and responsible face that you show the world, let your child out.

The best way to learn to use rattle is to just do it, experiment and explore. If you want to make a rattle go to your local pet shop and buy a stiff dog chew made of raw hide. Soak the hide in water over night, when it is soft cut out two roundish identicle shapes with a neck, sew the shapes together leaving the neck open, stuff sand or saw dust down the neck so the soggy hide stretches out and makes a bulb shape and then stuff into the neck a short stick as a handle...hang the whole thing up to dry for a week. After a week take out the stick and shake out the saw dust or sand. Get some tiny stones, seeds, and beads, pop them into your "becoming rattle", shake it around and listen to the sound, when the sound is right glue in the stick and wrap the joint in leather...you now have a rattle!

If you want to refine the process come and join me for a day and we can make rattle out of Red Deer hide. This entry was posted in Blog, and tagged Uster, Trommeln, Event, Trommellehrer, Trommelkurse, Kurse, Workshop, Teamentwicklung, Afrikanische Rhythmen, Djembe, Congas, Einzelunterricht, Trommelevents in Firmen und Schulen,. Bookmark the permalink.
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