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Posted: 12/01/2022 in Blog
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Todays card has come up as healing, what a subject! We are all so involved in seeking, what does this word healing mean?

Healing is a life long quest, a virtue and quality. Let us see what this card means to you.




KEY WORDS Giving Receiving Channeling Love Exchange Lessons Resistance Illness Disease Trust Belief Growth Transformation Attitude Information Focus Restorative Soothing Comforting Gentle Reconcile Settle

WISDOM My father and first teacher, Dr. A.E.M. Ash said, "The difference between dead tissue and living tissue is that living tissue heals itself.” He continued, "This the most important law in medicine is unwritten in practically every medical textbook.” 

On the path of Sacred Drumming we open all the roads, paths and directions so that the natural process of life can manifest and unfold. It takes trust to allow this to happen, to reclaim our will to heal. We all have a history of resistance and it takes courage to be present in the moment and to pray for a clear outcome.

As a medicine person we need to be a good listener, and be breathing to stay empty. Being selfless and humble enables the Spirit world to be welcomed and you become the empty drum. In receiving healing we need to dive into the self healing process, let go of self pity and be open to the breath of the universe. Saying, "Yes” to the universe, to all that is beyond the boundaries of your inner world, opening the doors to growth and transformation. Mostly we hold on grimly in our mind to the state of disease. It is valuable to learn from its presence but to also release its seemingly permanent hold. Look at how speedily the body tissues regrow and heal. Seven years ago you were a completely different human being. Hardly a cell exists now that was keeping you going seven years ago. So why do we hold on? 

THE CARD Healing opens the doors to all the medicine paths. Let go of superiority and judgement. Orthodox, alternative, complementary and shamanic medicine are all valid and work together. So long as the individual practitioners are clear and unselfish people all will be well. If you have chosen healing then walk forward like a child, with arms and eyes wide open. See what you need to understand from the process of healing and release the expectations of a set outcome.

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