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Six Health Reasons to Start Drumming

six benefits of drumming

Blog Posted: 31/01/2020
Dr Northrop,drum the heartbeat,drum healing

6 Health Reasons to Start Drumming This article is based on a blog by Dr Northrop, I have selected out six of the ten benefits that she has identified, and put them together with some practical observations of how you can visualise the positive attributes of drumming for healing.   Sound healing with the drum is based upon the hidden rhythm of the heart being brought out of the inner cavity of the chest, out into the worl...

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Touching the five senses in the medicine wheel

Blog Posted: 15/02/2019
Touching the five senses in the medicine wheel

Historically and practically there is a direct link between each of the five senses and the sacred directions of the medicine wheel. I have been exploring these connections in my daily meditations using my drum and found them to be very powerful. In a somewhat poetic form I have written down the method I am using which is based upon an ancient meditation system from India, blended with medicine wheel teachings from a variety of world cultures. ...

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The Sacred Drum is Calling

Blog Posted: 13/02/2019

There is a sacred drum beating in our hearts, its soft rhythm spreading blood, food and Qi life force through our bodies. Up to the top of the head and down to the soles of the feet this steady beat drums into the Mother Earth as a gentle returning gift from us to her. So little do we remember who we are and how powerful we can become. With shoes off, bare foot, gently walking on the Mother we can draw the Energy of the Sky Father down through...

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Spring Imbolc Drumming Ceremony

Sacred Drumming for Imbolc

Blog Posted: 30/01/2019
Spring Imbolc Drumming Ceremony

Five in the evening and its still light, the season is turning into spring. You can feel it in the trees with their buds beginning to shine hazy pink with violet tips. Give the house a good spring clean, wash the floors, eject all that you don’t need from you that represents your body and soul as your home. When you have finished cleaning, smudge and open the windows, let this fresh spring air from the north east cleanse the rooms and hallw...

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Winter Solstice 2018

ancestor drumming at winter solstice

Blog Posted: 17/12/2018

We are approaching winter solstice at the speed of light, the moon is quarter and building by the moment, sparkling in silver shards as she chases her lover the sun over the southern sky. It will be full moon on that longest night just over a week away, her dance will be ours to follow, we can dance into the spring on quicksilver steps knowing that we have chosen well in how we celebrate our lives within the cycles of the year. Winter is so go...

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Sacred Ceremony

Blog Posted: 21/11/2018

Ceremony is an essential part of our Sacred Drumming practice. The ceremonial ritual brings each person in the circle into alignment with their higher Self with a capital "S”. Each individual is coming from their own world and needs to enter a space of non judgement and surrender, self importance, ego and judgement are left in the past, are left outside the circle. In ceremony we are all equal, and in Sacred Drumming, like the drum form we ar...

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Honouring Song

Ceremony begins with Smudging

Blog Posted: 19/11/2018

In many traditions an honouring song is shared between people. It brings us all together, we can share with each other respect and even if we are in new company, a strong feeling is generated of giving and receiving from the heart. An honouring song has to be simple and immediately singable so that we all can take part, it has to have a purpose and universal meaning.  We use an ancient honouring song that surfaced during the first module ...

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Distance Drum Healing

Sunday Evening Drum Healing

Blog Posted: 16/10/2018
The healing power of many drummers

Drum is a wonderful instrument for sending focused healing to others. It keeps you in time with the Now, keeping you in focus. It’s the combination of your body moving, the visual gentle repetition and the sound of the heart beat, plus a humming resonance within the drum that changes, weaves and carries that something, that energy of love that is within you and me. The heart beat on drum brings it forth, it brings the hearts love out in a foc...

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Singing Your Song

Why are we singing our song?

Blog Posted: 15/04/2018

Simon Heather at the College of Sound Healing asked for some personal quotes of why singing is important to each of us. Wow, thats a big one for me as I expect it is for you. There are so many quotes from great singers, writers and philosophers, and it is so easy to crib a quote, feel good because you have done something, written it down for others to see. But who reads it? I’m the one who writes this and probably I will be the one to read it...

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Tick Wi - I raise my hands to you

Medicine Prayer by Matika Wilbur

Blog Posted: 09/04/2018
matika wilbur,medicine prayer,native teachings

This practice is essential and fundamental to our behaviour as humans, the fact that it has been kept alive by the first nation people of the Americas is their gift to us. Therefore its worth giving thanks to them and their ancestors for handling the ignorance laid upon them with so much grace and humility. I listened to a prayer tonight on a TED Talks given by Matika Wilbur a Native American photographer: ...

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The Medicine Wheel is a Flexible Friend by Mike Barron

Flexible friend

Blog Posted: 11/02/2018
The Medicine Wheel is a Flexible Friend by Mike Barron

The medicine wheel has been used in many cultures, in many forms, for thousands of years. From the layout of enclosures, mounds and stone circles. As well as Tibetan Thangka (Tanka). Celtic Cross, and even the layout of Cathedrals and Churches. The Sacred directions have been called upon for the needs of mankind throughout time, across the ages. For health of the individual and community, for abundance in harvest and husbandry. For contact...

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Asking For Help

People need to know what they are getting

Blog Posted: 08/02/2018
Asking For Help

If you have a problem you ask for help. Who do you ask when you pop out a vertebrae in your back, you are on the phone to the osteopath like a shot. How about a tooth ache? In the car and off to the dentist we go. When we are sure of what we are getting, there are proven results, and we have been amply conditioned by authority figures, there is no problem in asking for help. Traditionally in the Native American societies if you have a prob...

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Hunta Yo-Clear the Way

We need to awaken to the reality within our thoughts

Blog Posted: 06/02/2018
Hunta Yo-Clear the Way

When I awake I  am grateful - I have another day to live. Doing my morning chores I see oblong pictures of history in the family, faces and forms of people, men and women I know and yet not know. It seems that Renata also sees the same scenarios, but her interpretation is different - more personal and more involved. Alone in her inner world of emotions and memories she has to ride her own waves of sadness and happiness brought into co...

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Masks in Sacred Drumming by Jean Hammond

Masks in the Ritual of Sacred Drumming for modern everyday society

Blog Posted: 03/02/2018
Masks in Sacred Drumming by Jean Hammond and medicine wheel for personal creative work as a Sacred Drummer health practitioner has come from my love of masks

Development and healing :Masks in the ritual of Sacred drumming and medicine wheel for personal creative work as a Sacred Drummer health practitioner has come from my love of masks and all that is theatrical and visually expressive. I have been particularly influenced and inspired by the work of Elise Dirlam Ching and her partner Kaleo CHING in America . I loved their work captured in The Faces of the Soul. The book describes the use of guided...

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Sounding your Visions

Healing is anchored by songs

Blog Posted: 13/01/2018
phythagoras,healing,sound healing,drum,vision quest

It is well known in natural healing that the anchoring of your visions and healing experiences into songs, poetry, paintings and dancing not only brings the vision alive but it strengthens their reality and memory into the depths of your consciousness. This improves and empowers your abilities as a medicine person, since you are manifesting substance sound and form out of a pure energy experience. ...

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Bison as fertiliser

Slaughter of American Bison for fertiliser WOW

Blog Posted: 30/12/2017
bison,new year,sacred drumming,bison as fertiliser,music healing

I bought a paper like the Big Issue called 'We the People' in the supermarket car park. Written in Deutsch so it will take me weeks to read,  since Im still slowly learning the language.  I came to this picture,  taken in 1892 in the midst of the wiping out of the Sioux and Plains Indians of North America. Can you see the hill of skulls and bones? By slaughtering the herds of Bison that migrate...

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The Magic of Sacred Sites

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