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Drumming and Singing for Peace in Stonehenge

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    This year we are once again offering a day of song and ceremony in some of the most powerful sacred temples in the British Isles - Stonehenge, Avebury and Old Sarum.
    With our world going more and more crazy and violence and disregard for human life and human rights growing at an alarming rate,
    we wanted to do something to alleviate the feeling of helplessness that so many of us encounter in the light of world affairs.

    Therefore this year’s Day of Ceremony and Sacred Song is dedicated to Peace.
    Peace within ourselves, in our families and communities and in the world.

    It is said that the collective consciousness of humanity could be changed by a mere 144.000 people holding the highest possible vibration - 24 hours/day 365 days/year. We invite you to join us for this day of meditation, ceremony, contemplation and healing - holding the vibration of peace and goodwill for the time we will be spending together.

    Peace begins with each one of us.
    Practising peace together for this one day can perhaps be a springboard for us
    to continue holding the vibration of peace in the days to come.

    Lao Tse, one of the world’s greatest philosophers, said:
    "Correct your mind and the rest of your life will fall into place”

    We will never know with certainty how much impact our actions and thoughts have on world affairs. But we can be sure that if we commit to peace within ourselves, the mirror image of that peace will manifest in the outside world and change our lives for the better to an extent we can’t even begin to imagine right now. And that is certainly something worth working towards.

    We look forward to spending this day with you!

    There are two options for participation:

    OPTION 1:  whole day (11am - 8pm) - cost is £80.
    OPTION 2:  evening ceremony in Stonehenge only - cost is £60.

    Preference will be given to people who book for the whole day since the Stonehenge Ceremony will be the culmination of the work we do at the other two sites.

    Bring your drum if you have one - we look forward to drumming and singing with you!

    For more information:

    Please contact us on info@sacreddrumming.co.uk
    or by phone on 0777 - 1626 482

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